Our Success Stories

More Money Benefits

After speaking with you and following your guidance, we applied and received the long term care benefit for our child.  This is additional funds to the money we already receive from Bituach Leumi monthly.  Not only did you help us with getting this in place, but you...

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Delayed Child Development

We did not know we did not have a healthy child.  When she was born we were so excited and happy to be first time parents.  But after a few months, we realized something was not right.  She was not developing like other children her age.  We went to see the doctor,...

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Diagnosed with Cancer

My wife's cancer is now in remission but her medication is still so expensive.  We are terribly in debt, but there is no other option for us.  Additionally, the doctor recommended that we make sure she eats a lot of red meat in her daily diet.  This is very important...

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Let’s Get Started

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone!  Let’s Do It Together!