Changing the Life of our Handicapped Child

We are an older couple who has married off all our children except for our youngest son.  He is an amazing 22-years-old that is partially paralyzed but has to use an electric wheelchair to get around.  Our son has full cognitive function and could live a wonderful full life.  However, our biggest hurdle is that we live 3 flights up with no elevator in an old apartment building in the center of Jerusalem.  Our son was limited on when he could leave the apartment or even at what time he could return back home.  Do you know what it is like to see your son waiting outside in all weather conditions hoping for men to walk by to help carry him up the 3 flights of stairs? To make a bunch of phone calls to coordinate to get him out of the home and be able to go somewhere?  Our life was consumed with just trying to coordinate getting him out or getting him in. 

We had refinanced our apartment multiple times over the years and did not have the luxury of being able to sell and move to a ground floor apartment.  We were stuck.  Our son was stuck and we did not know what to do.  The situation was dire and it was very upsetting for us that our apartment was limiting him to experience life to its fullest.  When we heard about BenefitsRus, we came with an open mind and hoping you might have a solution for us.  With your help, we were approved for an apartment through the Ministry of Housing, which was completely redone to fit his needs, all at their expense.  We could not believe the changes we immediately saw in him.  You also helped us get him a Foreign Worker so that he can now live independently and have the freedom to start living his life.  We are so very grateful and appreciative for the help and the patience you had with us.  Thank you so very much.