Not Eligible For Rental Assistance

I was positive we were eligible for rental assistance. I was sure that I knew after speaking and researching that we could get approved.  I started the process, drove 45 minutes to the main office to apply, and was told that more information was needed to proceed.  So, I came back to their office a months later with all the paperwork they had asked for.  However, again I was told that I needed more documentation.  In the meantime, I was referred to you.  After speaking with you, and explaining what I had done, I realized I actually was not eligible at all.  You took the time to make us understand why that was and you really actually saved us on the pain and aggravation of running back and forth.  I cannot stress how important BenefitsRus is.  Having a place to call and get immediate answers, help to apply if applicable, just makes that whole system easier to navigate.  Thanks again for all your help.