Delayed Child Development

We did not know we did not have a healthy child.  When she was born we were so excited and happy to be first time parents.  But after a few months, we realized something was not right.  She was not developing like other children her age.  We went to see the doctor, specialists, and no one had a clear answer for us.  The doctors kept saying she is a late bloomer, don’t worry everything is fine.  At 19 months, they finally did start to take notice.  By that time, with all the appointments, the loss of work, the stress on my wife, it truly was unbearable; we had to know her diagnosis.  Could something be done to help her progress like other children her age?  When we finally came to BenefitsRus, we were tired, had no idea what benefits we were eligible for, what services were out there for our daughter.  You were patient and caring, and most of all you were very knowledgeable.  Now she is five and slowly progressing, but we have the programs in place and today we can handle the challenges much better than those years at the beginning.