Receiving an Apartment from the Government

We were on a waiting list for an apartment for 11 years.  Are children were growing and our placement was being pushed further back all the time.  Our apartment was too small for us and was really old.  Every single time we checked with Amidar, we were told that our number would be called soon.  But years were going by and we were still on the waiting list.  We were told over and over again to just be patient, renew when needed, and hopefully our number would be next in line.  One day, as I was sitting with my children at the dentist office, I met you and we started talking about BenefitsRus and what it offers.  After taking your number and scheduling a time to speak further, we realized that we needed to quickly make some changes to our file.  Nobody tells you anything in these offices.  Nobody really has the time to help you understand so that it is not so complicated and trying.  You really just have no choice but to figure it out on your own.  We did this all by ourselves, and were just waiting year after year to get the letter that our number is next.  So, with your help we made the changes to our file and we are now actually looking at available apartments.  It was as if you jumped us to the beginning of the line.  We are hoping very much to be moving in to our own subsidized Government apartment by the end of the year.  Who knew going to the dentist office would turn out so well for us:)