Medical Equipment, Resources, and More

BenefitsRus is unbelievable!!  Who knew that there were so many Programs and Organizations out there that could help us!  We were able to finally buy the equipment our daughter needed with their financial assistance. Buying exactly what she needed and to her specifications was amazing for us.  In the past we would have to settle on something similar to what she needed and rent it for a certain length of time.  This was not convenient and was not what our daughter needed.  I cannot stress what a real shame it is that no one knows of all that is out there available to us Families with someone with a disability.  One of the programs we annually benefit from is the vacation program – it has been absolutely amazing for our Family.  I hope that all that read this post will contact you and benefit from your services because you really do have the answers to our questions.  Even our social worker did not know about some of the resources you told us about.  Yasher Koach.