Getting The Construction Loan After Being Turned Down

Our building finally received the permits to expand all the apartments.  We were so excited.  One neighbor after the other was enlarging their living room, the kitchen, adding bedrooms.  We too wanted to do this.  So, we went to our bank where we had our mortgage.  Over a three year period we applied and reapplied, but to no avail.  The bank each and every single time turned us down.  When we met with you, you clearly explained what the bank was looking for specific to our situation.  So we took another chance and applied.  But guess what, again, we were turned down.  You told my husband not to be discouraged and that he should go back, and this time give it directly to the Branch Manager to process the paperwork.  Well, he did just that, and again we were turned down.  By now, you can imagine, my husband was definitely not happy.  But you were adamant, you knew that we could get approved and you were not willing to give up.  You again told my husband to go back to the Branch Manager and to make sure that they send it to their main office in Tel-Aviv, under no condition to accept their NO.  He listened and went, and you won’t believe it, we were approved!!!  I love my new bigger and brighter home and am thrilled with all the changes we have been able to do.  I learned from you not to give up and to stay determined.  We cannot thank you enough.