Disability Benefit for More than One Child

Wow, we just got our fourth (4th) child approved with Bituach Leumi for ADHD!!  You are amazing.  When we first started, we were uncomfortable with trying to get any form of help.  For years we went back and forth with the teachers about their behavior, their lack of education, overall they were too much for the schools to handle.  The therapy and tutoring amounts we were paying monthly was just astronomical.  Having a child that literally rules the home, let alone a few children with the same diagnosis was very challenging.  When we came to BenefitsRus, we started with our first child and now we have been approved with your help for all four of our children.  We cannot believe that after being told on numerous occasions not to bother applying, we actually have been approved for each and every one of them.  Our Neurologist as well as our Pediatrician could not believe that we did it.  From their experience, they told us Bituach Leumi rarely approves someone, let alone a few children in the same Family.  But with your help, today we are receiving each and every month into our bank account the financial benefits.  If I can say one thing to anyone who might be reading this, let Shira take a look at your situation, you cannot go wrong with her and her team.