Only After 4 Years Could We Apply for a FREE Apartment

It was devastating, we were traumatized…  All the running around to get the paperwork needed and the back and forth was just so tiring.  For years we had wanted to get an apartment for our family.  You see, our daughter has an unusually rare disability and the decision committee from the Housing Agency kept asking us for more and more paperwork.  Whatever we would submit was over and over again rejected.  We knew we were eligible, but no matter what we did, or who we spoke to, we kept hitting a brick wall.  We were approved for temporary rental assistance through the Ministry of Housing, but it was contingent on us being approved for a government apartment.  So, we did what we had to, we submitted, we waited, and after all the time invested, we received the final decision.  The letter stated that as of December 31, 2020 we will no longer be receiving rental assistance and we were not approved for an apartment.  Not only we were officially turned down, but we were also told that we could not reapply for another 4 years.  My husband was devastated.  He was the one who did all the running around while I was trying to keep the home in order.  We had reached out to any and all friends, acquaintances, any person who might “know someone” who could help us.  It was someone in my husband’s Kollel who suggested that we call you.  What did you know that others did not?  It was unbelievable that immediately in the first phone call; you realized what the problem was.  We were hesitant; we knew that we had only 2 months left of rental assistance aide, and that the deadline on the letter was going to expire shortly.  We would not be able to reapply for another 4 years.  But you sounded confident, you sounded knowledgeable, and you said, “what do you have to lose, give me a try?”  So, we decided to give it another try.  We had less than 2 months, how could we get it done when it took almost a year for their final decision.  But you laid it out, you reviewed the paperwork, and you guided us.  You moved fast and you were very clear on what we needed to do.  Well I am happy to tell you, that we received a new letter dated December 24, 2020 telling us that a new decision has been made, and to ignore the previous letter.  We are now going to be able to view potential apartments provided by the Government with a window of 2 years to find one that suits us.  We could not believe it.  Everyone told us that it was impossible, that there was no chance – our social worker, the Government office, and our attorney, anyone we spoke with.  But you did it.  I cannot tell you how thankful we are.  Wishing you all the success you rightly deserve.