Our son has extreme ADHD and my husband was threatening to leave our marriage!  It is not an easy thing to write about, but as parents we love our children.  This is my second marriage and I was desperate to try to save it.  Our 7 year old son made me fear for my family as well as my marriage.  The fires he would light in his bedroom, the dangerous tricks he thought were great made our lives a nightmare.  I was at my wits end; I just did not know what to do.  My close friend and neighbor had just used your services and she suggested I call you.  I came to see what options were out there for my son and ended up crying on your sofa about my entire life. 

We ended up making a plan together. 

The first part of the plan was getting rental assistance for my husband through the Ministry of Housing.  The second part of the plan was for my son to get the financial benefits through Bituach Leumi.  We ended up doing both simultaneously with both being approved.  I could not believe it when we were approved for almost half his rent on a small storage room (machsan) through The Ministry of Housing.  This was unbelievable, it ended up being a place for him to escape to, a place that allowed him to leave the home but still be part of the Family.  Applying with Bituach Leumi was more difficult for me.  I am a quiet person and was worried about the approval committee interview.  You held my hand the entire time and gave me the confidence I needed to fight for my rights.  We have now used your services 2 times in renewing his Bituah Leumi benefits.

Today it is now 3 years later and we are doing wonderfully.  We no longer have the storage room and have been receiving marriage counseling.  My ADHD son is also doing better and is taking Ritalin medication and getting the extra tutoring help he needs.  My husband till today remarks on how much you helped our Family and our child.  There is no question that you are an expert in your field.  You understood the situation and you were able to help us in so many areas of our life.  Wishing you much hatzlaha in all that you do.